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The Affects of Video Games on Children

Do video games really affect the parts of a child brain? “The most widely used positive impact video games are said to have on children is that they may improve a player’s manual dexterity and computer literacy” (Norcia, Andrea 1). This is confirming that video games can help people with poor manual dexterity skills. My opinion is that adults should not blame aggression of children on specific gadgets such as video games.

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Video games should be amplified more now than ever and they affect kids negative by turning their focus off school.

In opinion violent video games do not affect kids unless they are ignorant. Video games are very helpful despite the aggression it amplifies. My statement on this subject is that video games affect the United States children and adolescence but the people that play these video games believe people perceive the concept of gaming wrong. Do video games only affect kids that are susceptible to the function and emotions of the video game or is it the person themselves.

People have perceived also that video games can have a negative effect on a kid’s social development but in my opinion believe that children function quite well socially for a people who interact with video games. Do you really believe that video games actually affect the parts of a child’s brain development? Do you think that the G. P. A of a child that plays video games is lower than one that does not? “It’s believed even though video games have advantages they play have negative effects on children” (Deepa Kartha 16) .

The developments of people that play video games are as correctly intuitive as people who fraternize in different hobbies. Parents believe that it can affect a teenagers work if there to focused on the video games and not on the schoolwork. Game fanatic teenagers actually can focus more in school because it keeps there mind set of the real words ignorance in legislature. Do you believe that games affect kids or is just the video games that they play that affect them not the video games?

People believe that violent video games affect the mind more than any other video game type out in the world. Classmates believe that children are more affected by games that have vulgar images in them. People develop the thought that kids are affected on their person not the action in a virtual stimulation and if that is the case time will get worse. Do you believe that video games can change the effect that they have on none completely developed children. Do you think that people and the way that they create video games make the child develop badly or is it the parent?

People say that certain types of parents will challenge their child and blame it on their favorite objects for them being bad and or negligent parental figures. Do you believe that it can be the kids fault for neglecting his studies because he is playing to many video games? Theoretical gamers believe that the people that play video games all the time are sometimes not even mildly affected by the Meer concept that people believe they might lose certain mental functions from playing a video game.

It is proven that all people are supposedly affected in some mental way when it come to video games that there functioning brain cells develop slower when they focus on the virtual reality in some video games. Do you believe that video games really affect the mentality of certain people that play many particular video games? It has been proven that when playing your attitude and aggression spots in your brain have been activated more. The facts have been proven that people co develop more when playing videogames with friends and or family members.

Certain families play video games and yet they can and still do their schools work. Particular people play video games and text and it doesn’t affect them at all they still function quite fluently above others. Do you believe that some kids can have video games affect them just by watching other kids and young adults play the vulgar violence blood and gore video games? People described I believe that certain videogames can help you develop mentally and to keep kids entertained and functioning for the next day.

Adolescences little brothers and or sister play video games with me and he has better grades than I do so I think that video games do not affect anything. People believe that a video game can mentally keep some people willing to strive but some people can take the video games so seriously there willing to kill themselves if they lose at the virtual life. Do you believe that some children can have video games affect them by interacting reading and or listening to the dialogue of the cut scenes in the video games? In a place of opinion people believe that video games do not affect hildren or and yet still the media have yet to verify the children that have a 4. 0 G. P. A and are very successful at life and in adulthood. People believe that they can also develop from the violent necessities of the video game world and people believe it keeps you in virtual contact. It has been stated by many that if u do not let the game get to serious than you will not be affected by the perceived statistics of the video game world. Do your really believe that video games can affect the way that you excel in school or develop in mental methods.

People believe that It depends where your opinion come from when you develop your choice on having video games or not. “It is perceived that the average teen video game player plays video more than 5 hours a day” (Norcia, Andrea 18). people are believed to have developed also the concept that besides causing kid s to slip up in school it can also affect their eyes because kids get closer to the television to interact more. Certain people that play video games believe that it actually does affect your eyes after long periods of time.

Other people believe that video games are one of the most accurate ways to calm down and settle their mind. It has been described that the simplistic of the video game world have been misunderstood articles. People think that kids actually just like to play video games and nothing affects them at all maybe there eyes but that is it. If children did not have video games I believe that it would make them angered and disappointed that something the adults made for them we be taken from them.

It is believed the development of children depends on the way that they raise their child because at delegated times parents will blame their attitude on video games. Do you believe that video games actually affect the mind of a young child? Does video games have anything to do with a kids brain or is it just the child themselves it’s believed to be a type of mental ability that affects the mind of a video game playing child. Will it always be perceived that the children that play video games can actually lose brain cells from different undeveloped digital video games?

It is believed by many that video games can be a naughty type of habit or hobby yet people still play video games to fill their virtual hunger for the unreal lust of life. People will always have their own single thought opinions about children and their mental development when playing video games because specific video game playing children react differently to it. Do video games really affect the development of parts in a Childs brain or is it the child? Do video games affect the minds of children or do the children develop their own sense of ignorance.

People have played video games for year and have never has any type of damage done to them mentally People believe that they can describe video games as a virtual world of excitement that can make you change your objectives of life into a different type of perspective. Phew gamers agree with the industry on saying that video games can actually affect your stand point when it comes to living life. Do you believe that everything revolves around video when thinking about a kids brain cells or is it just the violence and directive of the video game.

Do you believe that video games affect the simple parts of a Childs brain or can it really mentally disable them? Have you ever developed the point in this paper that children need video games so that they can develop more intelligently and learn more things that have life to offer them? People have really developed a life line around the gaming system that all people who play are the same as all the others but we all play different games and we all play for different types of reasons. Do you still believe that video game really affect part of the Childs brain or is that just the way people perceive it to be?

Do you really believe that kids can be mentally affected by the virtual game world? (Deepa, Kartha 1) States “Video games were first introduced in the 1970s and have now become an invariable source of fun and entertainment for children”. (Norcia, Andrea 2) States “They are a unique form of entertainment, because they encourage players to become a part of the game’s script”. Can video games help manual dexterity and can develop different notations on your computer knowledge. So are video games for better or for worse all will they stay or will they leave?

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