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Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday

This article will show the differences in Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday We will attempt to show you the difference in raising children today from yesterday. This article will show how children are watched over more now as opposed to days gone by due to pedophiles and other issues. Children are not as free now as they once were.

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Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday Children today play video games, watch television or, if older, listen to music. Parents are afraid to let children out of their view due to pedophiles being so prevalent in today’s society.

Children of yesterday would play outside with their friends, ride bikes, play marbles, or just socialize with their friends. Parents weren’t as concerned with what the children were doing as they were not likely to be in any jeopardy. Parents thought when a child was 12-13 they could watch their siblings while today’s parents choose to hire a babysitter to watch over their children when out. Even when parents go away for a trip they manage to check on the children daily since most cannot cook or take care of themselves..

When I raised my children, my son was able to cook, sew, wash dishes, laundry, and maintain a house, as well as his personal chores. His sister could dust, dishes, cook, laundry,, and more whereas today’s children are not able to function as they parents do not place responsibility on them as was done in prior years. I can remember some of the stories my father used to tell…one being delivering newspapers for spending money or to take a date out, etc. Children of yesteryear had a respect for their elder something today’s children do not possess or show.

Today’s children want Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday everything handed to them and not to work for it as children did in the past.. In fact, today’s children demand things and children of yesterday managed to think about it and usually made arrangements to pay their parents back if they did not have enough to cover the item in question. I am certain that more could be said but anyone that raised children in the past as opposed to now knows the rigors of the differences in raising children.

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