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Differences Between PR and Advertising

Public relations is planned and conducted in a business-like way. PR deals with many different groups of people known as publics and relates to all the communications of total organization. It’s not a form of advertising, its purpose is to tell not selling product yet it is playing a role of spreading knowledge about a new product or service, informing and educating people,and creating understanding to the prescribed objectives.

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Sometimes, it is also the beginning to play an important brand-building role. However, advertising is a form of communication that is intended to convince the target market to purchase or take some actions upon products,ideas or services. It’s mainly presents the most persuasive selling message to the public by using attractive layout,colourful illustration,creative scriptwriting skill,and themed video-making or ‘copy platform’ in an advertisement. Thus,it is higher cost than PR.

Besides, advertising didn’t build up market knowledge about the new and unknown product or service to the public while PR does. For instance, a company pays for the advertisement space about its latest product or service so that the company can creative control what goes into the advertisement and how long the advertisement runs for. It could be design become more attractive to fascinate buyers to buy it. And it will be bringing the hard-selling message to motivate market buyers with using those buzz word as ‘Act now!

Buy this product! ’ to purchase it. Whereas, the PR for the company will create understanding through knowledge, inform its own exclusive products or services to the public clearly and it helps to build up market knowledge as well. Then,those buyers would be more understanding about the company brand than just knowing their products by its packaging or advertisement. Yet, the company has no control on how the media presents,must it writing in a no-nonsense news format and the press would only be released once.

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