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Executive Summary on Purell

Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer is a portable hand washing solution that cleanses hands without the need for soap and water. India currently has a problem with pollution in its water; we see this as an opportunity to increase our profits while also providing benefits that will help the Indian population achieve one of its strategic goals. Extensive research provides evidence that marketing Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer in could increase our profit margin as a company and allow us to grow our business.

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With a population over 1. 1 billion and limited competition; this market potentially could give us 5-7% growth each year for the next 7 to 10 years. Being that we are one of the first to enter this market, we will enjoy the benefits of being a pioneer in this industry. With such a huge market, we are hoping to have a 40% to 50% market share before additional competition start focusing on India.

The purpose of this report is to recommend marketing Clean Hands, Inc product, Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, in India. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer is a portable supplement to routine hand washing. This is helpful because of all the diseases that are found in the waters of India. It is reported that 80 percent of disease that currently affects the people of India, is caused by unsanitary water and the lack of people washing or keeping their hands clean. Purell kills 99. 9percent of most common germs. Therefore, Purell is and effective tool that promotes proper health and prevents the spread of disease. In the documents to follow we are going to discuss the international business plan, which includes our policy commitment statement, our background analysis, our market research summary along with our action steps. Than we are going to go into detail about our marketing plan, which explains our method of entry into the market, as well as issues we might encounter.

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