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Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is The Most Happiest Time of The Year

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is the most happiest time of the year. Christmas light are always a joy to see. It never fails to lighten up my mood, especially the Oregon Zoo Lights! Presents, presents are one of the best thing about Christmas.

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Whether you’re receiving them or giving them, you get this warm bubbly feeling inside. Christmas is the best national holiday on Earth. One of the reasons why I think Christmas is the best national holiday is because, it’s a great time to spend quality time with the family.

For example, everyone in my family either has the day off, takes the day off, or is on winter break. We get together and have a family dinner party, my cousins from California come in from town and we always have a great time. Every year gets better and better. The family gets together and spend quality time with each other. They either go out, have dinner, open presents, sing holiday carols, go to church, and much more. Spending time with your family is priceless. All you got to have is your family and you can always have fun with them.

This is important because, as you get older, you go to college, you move out, start your own family, and drift away from your family. Because of Christmas, you can use this day to bring your family together, and it would feel like you guys were never apart. Another reason why I think Christmas is the best national holiday is because, it’s the celebration of Christ’s Birthday. For example, on Christmas most Catholics and Christians go to church to celebrate Christ’s Birthday.

Without Christ there wouldn’t be Christmas, it would only be Mas! If baby Jesus wasn’t born we wouldn’t have Christmas. If we don’t have Christmas, malls wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money in December, no decorations, no presents, no Santa Claus, no Christmas! This is important because, not only do we don’t have Christmas, we wouldn’t have religion. Religion is a big thing in this world. Some people may believe that Halloween, or Valentine’s Day is a better holiday. Although Halloween use to be my favorite, I grew too old for it.

All you did was walk from door to door and receive candy. I was never a big fan of Valentine’s Day, not everyone can enjoy it mainly because you need a significant other. Candies leads kids to cavities if you have you too much. Also, it’s a waste of money to go buy candy to give out. Usually on Valentine’s Day, I see people spoiling their significant other. Must there be a day for people to do this? Why can’t people do this on their own days? Instead of having a specific day to do such a thing.

This is important because, we shouldn’t waste money on something that can affect our teeth, & sometimes our health. Also, spending money on a love one isn’t very necessary. Money can’t buy happiness. Others may believe that Halloween or Valentine’s Day is better. But I believe that Christmas is the best national holiday because, it’s a perfect time to spend quality time with your family and it’s Christ’s Birthday. Christmas is important because, it’s a one day where for some of us it’s Christ’s birthday, & we recieve free presents from our friends and family.

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