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Motivational Theories

This essay will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different motivational theories and the leadership styles for diesel and justify a motivational theory and leadership style that will best suit will best suit diesel. Diesel is a very popular and well-known brand mostly because of their diesel product jeans and more recognizes clothing, Fragrance. The Company was created by Renzo Rosso more than 30years ago and is today an innovative international company manufacturing jeans and casual clothing as well as accessories.

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It is present in over 80 countries will more than 10,000 point of sale.

Diesel Company employs some 2,200 employees globally with a turnover of about $1. 737billion according to Times. This list of numbers is far less interesting than the company, people and founder behind them. Remarkable company with a unique mindset, a mindset which puts sales and profit behind them to building something special, something “cool’’ and something which can change the world of fashion Advantages and disadvantages of different motivational theories and leadership styles of diesel would be evaluated in this part of the essay and in conclusion justify the motivational theory that will best work for diesel.

I am going to start by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using Taylor’s motivation theory in diesel. Scientific management was created by a man called Fredrick windseo taylor at the end of the 19th century to improve the work labour productivity of analyzing and establishing work process. He taught that by analyzing the work in a scientific manner, one he called the “one best way“ . The Theory has its own strength and limitation when applied in diesel.

One of the best first formal divisions between workers and managers, Managers must cooperate with workers to ensure the job is done a scientific way. There is a clear division between of work and responsibility between management and works, managers concern themselves with the planning and supervision of the work and workers carry it out . Taylors method can be widely adopted by diesel as it increases productivity as workers are paid with the “piece rate system “–pay per unit, the more units workers produce the more money they gain or are being paid.

I will diesel identify the most efficient workers from the inefficient ones since they will get to monitor the amount of unit an employee produces . Taylorism can easily be abused to exploit human beings as managers will exploit and use it as a reason to downsize the firms or force more work from the employee morale and in turn be affecting the original focus of the theory. When current market becomes more competitive managers can seek to use Taylor’s theory, they turn to analysis and calculate employees task and cut down employees, burden the remaining with extra duties.

This type of approach has close link with the autocrative management style of leadership as managers take all the decision and simply gives orders to those below them. In general workers tend to dislike this type of management as they are given boring, repetitive task to carry out and are treated as human machines and without their views been taking to account. Herzberg’s Motivation – hygiene theory (two factors) according the two factor theory of Fredrick Herzberg, people is influenced by two factors and these factors distinguishes two set of needs motivators and hygiene.

Motivators increase the satisfaction and motivation of employees and including recognition, achievement. On the other hand hygiene factors such as supervision, salary, working environment, company policies and relationship with colleague do not motivate but stop dissatisfaction. An adequate salary is therefore needed along with other hygiene for the motivators to promote psychological growth and development with this type of approach works are given a greater variety of task to perform not necessarily more challenging which should make more interesting and also involves workers being a wider

UP:09/12/2011-03:28:46 WM:09/12/2011-03:28:59 M:IA104-3-FY A:11a1 R:1101909 C:466BADAA84930DA7238A92C956635D28A0C7F103 range of more complex, interesting . It gives extra responsibilities, recognition and promotions. Hygiene factors are factors which ‘’surround the job ‘’rather than the job itself . For examples a worker will only turn up to work if the business has provided a reasonable level of pay and safe working conditions or environment . This type of theory is difficult to practice as it is expensive to practice that is improving every sector of the business working conditions .

Workers have a tendency to take credit for good work and blame others for mistakes , this makes it difficult to judge worker satisfaction . This type of theory when adopted should be motivate employees by adopting a democratic approach to management . the leader makes decisions based on the majority of views without conducting a vote or sometimes leaders call for vote among the group and the majority wins . It allows participants to establish goals ,encourages them to gain experience and recognize and encourages achievement . mployees will also be better informed due to the two way communication. Problem with this type of leadership is, employee might take advantages of the situation and may not perform their work properly. Decision making is very slow time consuming due to the need for consensus and agreement and this is risky in the situation where a quick decision needs to be taken. The next theory which was discovered by Abraham Maslow (1908-1997) put forward that there are five levels of human needs which employees need to have fulfilled at work.

All the needs are structured into a hierarchy and only ones a lower level of needs has been fully meet. A worker would be motivated by the opportunity of having the next need up in the hierarchy satisfied, for example a person who is dying of hunger will be motivated to achieve a basic wage in other to buy food before worrying about having a secure job contract . problems associated with this type of motivation is that not all the employees will have the same needs as each and every employee will have different needs. Employees can never be satisfied.

Employees can never be satisfied s they will want more . This type of theory when practiced needs to adopt a democratic style of leadership, the employees feels involved and result in high motivation of employees and the knowledge and experience employees of the company can be used in decision making Employees feel more committed to the company goals and less resistant to managerial actions. Individual abilities can be developed through participation . problems associated with this style of leadership style is individual employees may dominate in decision making or make disruptive contribution.

This approach can result in actions that are not effective and situation can be developed where responsibilities are not clear cut. Mayo believed that workers are not just concerned about the money but could be better motivated by having their social needs met whilst at work (something Taylor ignored ) . He introduced the human relation of taught ,which focused on managers taking more interest in workers ,treating them as people who have worthwhile opinions and realizing the workers enjoy interacting together. Mayor’s work was based on research rather than on personal experience.

However his best known work was his role in the Hawthorne studies when mayors theory is been used effectively brings better communications between managers (Hawthorne workers were consulted over experiments and also had the opportunity to give feedback. Employees at work place do not feel or be treated in isolation but functions with group members, with this type of theory some workers to not give out their best and rely on co-workers to get the job done and conflicts between workers as one may think others opinion is irrelevant . This type of theory most closely fits in with the paternalistic style of leadership.

Paternalistic leadership style at first glance gives an impression of almost being democractic. Workers are invited to comment and questions are answered . In addition their social needs are being considered , however decisions stay at with those at the top ,while the ability to comment and the apparent care for their needs, does improve UP:09/12/2011-03:28:46 WM:09/12/2011-03:28:59 M:IA104-3-FY A:11a1 R:1101909 C:466BADAA84930DA7238A92C956635D28A0C7F103 the morale . So turnover of labour is lowered and they are not motivated into giving their all at times resulting in increase in supervision becoming necessary.

Diesel clothing company so behind many of the clothing’s people have being wearing in their daily lives. The list of different types of cloths that diesel make are endless. It includes watches, bags eyewear,footwear,trousers and many more . The demand for diesel products are really high and for diesel to keep up with the high demand of their clothes they need motivate the workers in the production line by adopting the use of the Fredrick Winslow Taylor motivation theory as workers are mainly motivated by money or pay .

This theory of scientific management argues that workers do not like naturally enjoy work and so needs close supervision and control therefore managers should break down production into series of small tasks . Workers should then be given appropriate training and tools so they can work efficiently as possible on one set of task . Workers are then paid according to the number of items they produce in a set period time –piece-rate pay. As a result workers will encourage working hard and maximizing their productivity. This method is widely adopted by as businesses saw the benefit of increased productivity levels and lower cost of unit.

Hard workers in the company can be reward and also punish workers that are not meeting up to expectations . This method were designed to reduce inefficiency of work and managers. In order for this type of theory to work with diesel efficiently, Diesel must also adapt the autocratic style of management and leadership as it is beneficial in some instances such as when decision needs to be made quickly without consulting with its large group of employees, project requires strong leadership in order to get things accomplished.

This also allows employees to become highly skilled performing certain task without working about making complex decisions . This also allows employees to become highly skilled at performing certain duties which can be beneficial to diesel. I strongly recommend diesel to use Taylor’s theory of motivation and autocratic style of management and leadership to run Diesel and motivate its employees due to the above reasons given. UP:09/12/2011-03:28:46 WM:09/12/2011-03:28:59 M:IA104-3-FY A:11a1 R:1101909 C:466BADAA84930DA7238A92C956635D28A0C7F103

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