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My Professional Goals

My long term professional goal is to be a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner. Being a caring person especially to the children is a part of my personality. I have always loved children and it burdens me whenever I see children sick.

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Sympathizing will not do any good, I have an urge to do something to cure, prevent and ease their ailments so I concluded that being a Nurse would be the best choice. Every time my children got sick I wish that I could respond not just as a parent who support but a parent who cares.

An event that really encouraged me to pursue becoming a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner is when my two-year old daughter got a second degree burn. She was admitted at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA. I saw the nurses taking care of my daughter more than I could. I am neither intimidated nor jealous of the nurse looking after my daughter. What I felt was guilt. I know that I have the passion for taking care of children. I know that I am capable of being a good nurse. After that event, I made up my mind to I will be a Pediatric Nurse.

I am pursuing the nursing field so that I can graduate as a Registered Nurse with Bachelors of Science degree. I will work as a staff nurse, but after about a year I want to choose my specialty as a pediatrics nurse. I am also aiming to apply in a graduate school to achieve my ARNP license and to get my masters degree in Nursing with the specialty of pediatrics. Then I plan to work as a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner for a hospital or clinic. I have a desire to go in rural areas in able to help more children because medical treatments are limited in such areas. I am hoping to be accepted to the nursing school so that I can achieve my first goal towards success.

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