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Opportunity Is the Key to Success

First of all I feel very happy that we both sides have grasped the opportunity to realize our same goal. That is to win! That is to succeed! We believe opportunity is the key to success. Let me give a definition to words “opportunity” and “key” here.

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Opportunity here only refers to one that we disover, seize and take advantage of. Key is a way to solve a problem. Every lock has a key. Success is a lock that requires several keys to work together. Only when all these keys are equipped, success is achieved.

Opportunity is definitely one of these keys. Firstly, Opportunity serves as a starter on the road to success. If one wants to make a difference in a specific area, he should first be given the opportunity to do it. A person, born without legs, can never be the champion of a long distance running, even in special games. A child, who cannot afford to go to school, will never be the top student in class. Secondly, opportunity favors only the prepared. We are here to emphasis the crucial importance of opportunity.

That does not mean we are to discount the significance of other keys to success. They are equal of weight. All are indispensible. Preparation, like our endeavor, our efforts, all lays a foundation to reach the opportunity. Thirdly, Man proposes and god disposes. Opportunity is essential when one is qualified. Discovered by Bo Le, Red-rabbit Horse is lucky enough to be the most well-known swift house; Thanks to the eastwind, Zhou Yu won the Chibi Battle;Coming across the invention of the Internet, Google becomes global business giant.

If it were not for the opportunities they meet, seize, and take advantage of, Red-rabbit horse would just be a normal house, Zhouyu would doom to lose the battle, and Google would never come into existance. On the road to success, without opportunity is like fish without water,birds without wings, clock without hands, lock(??) without key. Opportunity is the key to success. Let us find opportunity for ourselves, seize opportunity by ourselves, and create opportunity of ourselves!

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