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Reflection on Japanese Earthquake

After watching the news about the catastrophic earthquake in Japan these days, I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions: anxiety, depression, grief, confusion and shock. Like a lot of people, I was stunned by percussive images of the ruins of buildings and the bodies of casualties. I felt sorry for the dead.

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Meanwhile, I was deeply touched by those survived. Instead of being thrown into panic, the Japanese faced up to the catastrophe with dispassion and composure. Although their homes were destroyed and their relatives were violently torn away, they still evacuated orderly and stood calmly in a queue to get reliefs.

However, the case in china is just the other way around. Some Chinese people seem to be keyed up. Many articles concerning this earthquake can be found on the internet, a majority of which are radical. These people said: It serves Japan right. If only the island country sunk and disappeared forever. Admittedly, as Chinese, I felt repugnance for Japan. However, as descendents of the country with a history of thousands of years, we should reach out our friendly hand and let the world know that we Chinese are a civilized and well educated nation.

If we merely stand by or even loot a burning house, we are no better than those Japanese invaders. From my point of view, we are all world citizens living in this global village and international community. In the face of natural disaster, we human beings are vulnerable. No one is powerful enough to escape. We can do nothing but pull together to go through. Therefore, we should relate to those wretches with sympathy and love instead of being narrow-minded and ultranationalistic. Japanese people are innocent. Let’s care for them with tolerant and generous hearts and help them out of the difficulty.

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