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Satire, humor and irony

In the Atwood’s short story, there are two speakers. One is trying to write a story while the other gives his opinion or views on the words that the former is using for his story. Their conversation centers on the mistakes or errors in the writer’s choice of words.

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The poems in the readings show that irony and satire need to be humorous at all times. Shakespeare’s poems did not contain humor. He only made use of irony in writing his pieces most particularly the poem, “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the son. ’

On the other hand, Kennedy’s poem, “A Visit from St. Sigmund Freud,” is satirical but not entirely humorous for it talks about a very serious matter. In talking about Freud and Santa Claus, Kennedy did not utilize humor. His writing took on a serious tone just like Shakespeare did for his poem. The plays of Seinfeld and Leguizamo are very appropriate as readings for humor, irony, and satire for the writers of the said plays wrote them for the purpose of entertaining the readers. The goal of the said plays was to invoke laughter. They were meant to be humorous. They are clear examples of how humor is taken as the theme of literature.

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