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The world is not really there

As though the quantum physicists would ever agree: There is world out here, and global warming portends its end. That’s the truth of it all, really, the world was never actually there, Speak the quantum physicists once again. But there is something here, Answer people like Al Gore who seem to notice things in the void.

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Indeed, they are positive that it is possible to manage the problem. They add: ‘The fact remains that the effects of global warming ‘Would be utterly disastrous if all those who are bumming ‘With the climate do not struggle to control anthropogenic greenhouse ‘Gas emissions.

After all, human beings are partly, if not wholly responsible ‘For climate change. ’ So, someone from an LDC hears Al Gore in his Movie, An Inconvenient Truth. A bomb explodes as the bomber shows his Approval near an LDC beach. Al Gore continues, ‘Fortunately, it lies In their power to gradually reverse the effects of global warming. ’ So, what is global warming? There is no doubt about the fact that our world Has been warming up like a teenager in heat Trying to come up with ways to become fit for survival. Eleven out of the past twelve years, that is, the Bible Fighters’ time with the Qur’an fighters; in other words, 995 to 2006 have been ranked among the twelve “warmest years “Since 1850” (“Global Environmental Outlook 4: Environment for Development”). Humans did not keep systematic records of temperature Before 1850 (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). How could they when they are still so helpless? How could you imagine them To keep systematic records of temperature before 1850? In any case, scientists are confident that there is something Terribly wrong with almost everything done by humans, including Their contribution to the fact that there has been a steady increase Of global surface temperature between 1995 and 2006.

The evidence of global warming includes the shrinking of or fading away Of beautiful things like mountain glaciers in many parts of the world; Thawing of permafrost; the early breakup of lake as well as river ice; Lengthening of growing seasons (especially mid to high latitude); Shifting of animal, insect and plant ranges; early flowering of trees; Early emergence of insects and egg laying of birds; Changes in ocean currents as well as patterns of precipitation; And the increasing lifetimes and intensities of tropical storms In several regions of the globe (“Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basics”).

As though we care! Ha! The United Nations, spreading news around the world, Stories they refer to as research For the minds and the eyes of the rich Alone, saying things like the following, as though anybody cares Except to say Ooh and Aah at these shocking tales: ‘Seeing that the poorest people of the world are rather dependent ‘On a hospitable as well as stable climate – they’re dependent ‘As always – for their crop growing needs as well as gathering ‘Of natural resources – before they are snatched or stolen through invasion – ‘It is vital to understand climate change before we try to manage it – Pretending that we are able to manage everything, we will manage it’ (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”)! The United Nations, our supreme council for research and no practical work Apart from research, adds: ‘Poor people are reliant on the monsoon seasons – and us – ‘As you know, climate change is about to turn their lives around. ‘Moreover, it is the poorest people of the world around ‘Whom all our concerns rest at this time because these people ‘Are most vulnerable to the destruction caused by natural disasters.

‘The Asian tsunami provides evidence of this phenomenon – ‘As do bombs because they heat up things, including our minds, as no one Disagrees. Increase in drought frequency in Africa is another reason ‘Why policymakers around the globe must consider decisions ‘That would have a long-term impact on humanity – once they find ‘The time to consider such decisions, of course; they must then bind ‘Governments in contracts to reduce gas emissions knowing their contracts ‘Exist only on papers with paper pins neatly making stacks of their contracts’ (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). The United Nations expresses deep concern in its voice as it continues: ‘Other examples of destruction caused by climate change To the poor communities in particular – who else? – include ‘The effects of Katrina in the United States and that long, crude ‘Heat wave that was experienced by Europeans in 2003. ‘As these examples reveal, poor people in rich societies are also vulnerable to the devastating ‘Effects of global warming – the rich people need not worry’ (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”)! In war-torn Iraq A man is sipping tea in war-torn Iraq. Flimsy pages of his newspaper, Iraq Today, fly here and there as they stay put Nevertheless in his lap; and input From the pages enters his mind as slowly As memories of the bony lass slowly

Leave his mind – memories that had tormented Him ever since the Iraq War began. ‘Kid, ‘She is gone, she left with the soldiers of the United States,’ The landlord of her flat had informed him. So now the man hates Everything he hears from the country where the bony lass resides. Still, out of necessity, he listens to those pages, presides Over them as though he would do something about the news on those pages; If only pretend he would do something about the news on those pages. As his tea cools under those fans that don’t really help him feel cooler In the head where suppressed anger and worry due to the vast dollar

Country’s actions stay, he chances upon a piece of news that suddenly Interests him although he did not really care whether it was hot or cold. ‘Global warming,’ says the piece. ‘A publication of the United Nations ‘Environment Programme, Global Environmental Outlook 4, states ‘That the effects of global warming would vary across the globe. ‘According to the report:’ While the Earth’s climate has varied throughout the prehistoric ages, the last few decades have witnessed a global climate disruption that is unprecedented over the recent millennia, a period of relative climatic stability during which civilization emerged.

Some regions, particularly the Arctic, will be more affected by climate change than others closer to the equator. In many regions, the agricultural sector will be particularly affected. The combination of high temperatures and decreased soil moisture projected for parts of Africa will be particularly hard to adapt to. (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”) ‘I think this is what the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had told us about,’ The man in Iraq reflects on the warning of the United Nations. He continues Reading the news report: ‘Global Environmental Outlook 4 ‘Also describes the main responsibility that human beings must assume For global warming: that, in fact, humans have placed great pressure on the ‘Climate system with increasing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. ‘The greenhouse gas that is mainly responsible for climate change appears ‘To be carbon dioxide, primarily originating from the consumption of ‘Fossil fuels (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). The UNEP report ‘Further describes the environmental damage caused by humans ‘While they were ignorant of the dangers of global warming: Since the dawn of the industrial age, the concentrations of these gases have been steadily increasing in the atmosphere.

The unprecedented recent rise has resulted in a current level of 380 parts per million, much higher than the pre-industrial (18th century) level of 280 ppm. Since 1987, annual global emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion have risen by about one-third, and the present per capita emissions clearly illustrate large differences among regions. (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”) So now he understands, the man sipping tea: ‘Everything in this report describes the fee ‘For occupying this world. Moreover, it is as the Prophet ‘(Peace be upon him) had described. It is the call of the Prophet For us to mend our ways once and for all. God is going to take account. ‘But who is listening? Does anybody care? ’ The man folds the account On global warming on one of the flying sheets of newspaper, Iraq Today. He decides to return home when he gets an idea, straight out of Iraq Today. He thinks: ‘Overly excited about their achievements during ‘And after the golden Industrial Age, human beings did not realize ‘That materialism and greed could even be responsible for ending ‘Their existence on Earth in the near future.

Indeed, if climate change ‘Is not managed through effective global policies at present, huge natural Disasters may very well finish off all life on our planet. ‘As it is, global warming is accompanied by spells of really high temperatures ‘That are known to destroy life through heat stress in addition to air pollution. ‘In June 2003, Europe experienced such a spell. It raised temperatures ‘Twenty to thirty percent higher than the average temperatures during summer. ‘What is more, the spell covered a huge portion of the European continent, ‘From Germany to Italy, and from the north of Spain to Czech Republic. ‘With social as well as economic impacts, besides its environmental impacts, The heat wave presented heavy losses to the European continent. ‘In point of fact, thirty thousand European people lost their lives during June 2003. ‘Forestry and agricultural production were impaired; forests were burned; ‘Crop cycles were disrupted; nuclear reactors cooled by water from rivers ‘Had to be closed; demand for electricity could not be met; ‘And the stability of rocks was affected’ (“Impacts of Summer 2003 Heat Wave in Europe”). ‘Once they know what we go through each hour, each day ‘They would surely become one of us, one of clay ‘People. ’ As he ends reflecting on climate change, he

Remembers another similarity between man and man: ‘Hadn’t God said, We made man out of clay? ’ He tries to figure out in his mind whether fire can damage clay, But then another worry enters his mind: ‘Do the industrialists ‘Also know, We made man out of clay? ’ In Europe The man in Iraq was happy to know that Europe had experienced Significant development during the Industrial Age, Although it did not have any power over the heat wave of 2003. A construction worker in Germany, on the other hand, Understood it this way: he thought: ‘It is evident that the European Union ‘Would now play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The heat wave of 2003 served as a warning for the entire continent ‘To begin taking serious action against greenhouse gas emissions, ‘While enjoying the fruits of the Industrial Age even in the twenty first century’ (“Impacts of Summer 2003 Heat Wave”). Even though he was optimistic, the construction worker Believed that he knew that politicians only tell lies to the People, the voice of the people is never heard, and democracy Is a sham. As he thought about politicians suffering from all sorts Of amnesias, another fact was brought to mind simultaneously; The construction worker felt delighted in the misery of others

When he remembered he had read somewhere that As bad as the European heat wave of 2003 was, There is no way for it to compete with the rising average Temperatures in the Arctic. In fact, temperatures in the Arctic Are “rising almost twice as rapidly as in the rest of the world” (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). ” Sea ice and glaciers in the Arctic are presently melting, While the permafrost temperatures are rising. In Siberia and Alaska, permafrost is also melting. This is expected to release methane into the Earth’s atmosphere From the frozen hydrates. Scientists are aware that fifty

Million years back, a large amount of methane was released Into the Earth’s atmosphere. Temperatures around that time Must have risen approximately five to seven Celsius. Additionally, scientists have determined that it took approximately One hundred and forty thousand years for the atmosphere To return to its normal state after the initial release of methane (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). ‘Perhaps, therefore’ – reflected the construction worker – ‘The effects of global warming would remain with us ‘For a very long period of time. Our future generations ‘Would have to suffer because of the excessive greenhouse Gas emissions that our generation has been held responsible for. ‘Other effects of global warming include increased changes ‘In precipitation around the world. While wet regions are experiencing ‘More rain, the dry areas of our world are turning more arid than before. ‘In addition, regions like Africa with “the lowest contribution to anthropogenic greenhouse gas ‘Emissions” are projected to suffer most due to these changes’ (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). ‘As a matter of fact, water scarcity is projected to become a dangerous ‘Problem for the African people in the days to come (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). Global warming is also increasing “intense tropical cyclone activity,” ‘Especially in the North Atlantic (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”).

‘This has been going on since 1970, and is definitely associated ‘With increases in the surface temperatures of tropical seas. ‘Furthermore, there is evidence of increased tropical cyclone activity ‘In certain regions of the world where it is difficult to gather high quality data. ‘In any case, over the past thirty five years the number of Class 4 and 5 ‘High intense storms has almost doubled. These storms are now occurring ‘In virtually all ocean basins. Of a certainty, our world would warm up Even more because of this activity in the deep’ (“Global Environmental Outlook 4”). As the construction reflected on the meaning of global warming For everybody in the world, the only person he thought was Insulated from its disastrous effects was himself. His family, too, Would be saved, he thought, smirking in his mind’s eye when those miserable two – Arctic and Africa – were remembered. He had to earn his daily Bread, after all. It did not really concern him that the people Of Africa suffered. He believed that the politicians with free Cups of coffee and bowls of rice available to them should do

All the thinking for the poor people of the world. He was lucky To be German, that’s all. What concerned him about global warming was this: Indeed, there exist a number of paths for us to take to help Ourselves and our fellow beings survive on the planet. As an example, with the awareness that our buildings consume Almost thirty to forty percent of energy in our world – Another UNEP report, Buildings and Climate Change: Status, Challenges and Opportunities, advises governments Around the world to put policies into place for the construction Of environmentally friendly or green buildings that would not

Exacerbate the effects of global warming. There are a variety Of choices available to modern man to use energy more efficiently than before (“Buildings and Climate Change”). ‘Would Herr Braun consider the alternatives? ’ – he asked Himself. After all, he was only a servant. Had he asked Herr Braun, would the latter have answered his loyal Construction worker? Maybe, maybe not. The royal Herr Braun was unreachable most of the time. But the construction worker’s fifty-seven year old wife Should be able to guess and inform him. She was good At divining things. She would know about global warming.

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